I am Professor of Computer Science at Furtwangen University. My work is situated at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction and Assistive Technology. I design, implement and study novel input technology in the areas of mobile, tangible & non-visual interaction and assistive augmentation.

Beyond code & electronics, I am in to guitars, volleyball and cooking. I am a bike nerd, so-so photographer and love to hike and snowboard.

Recent Publications

Assistive Augmentation
Huber, Shilkrot, Maes and Nanayakkara
Book. Springer. 2018.  

Multi-Level Force Touch Discrimination on CIDs in Cars
Huber, Sheik-Nainar and Matic
Industrial Showcase Paper. In Proceedings of AutoUI ’17.  

Flexibles: Deformation-Aware 3D-Printed Tangibles [...]
Schmitz, Steimle, Huber, Dezfuli and Mühlhäuser
Full Paper. In Proceedings of CHI '17.  

FingerReader: A Wearable Device to Explore Printed Text on the Go
Shilkrot*, Huber*, Wong, Maes and Nanayakkara
Full Paper. In Proceedings of CHI '15. [* equal contribution]